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jpopkpop.net » 9th Kuraki Mai album "FUTURE KISS" 17/11
9th Kuraki Mai album "FUTURE KISS" 17/11
Posted on November 20, 2010 by SephirothFF
Kuraki Mai during the promotion of "FUTURE KISS"

A year and nine months after the release of touch Me!, Kuraki Mai will be releasing her ninth album. Titled FUTURE KISS, the album will be out October 20 and will come in both CD-only and limited edition CD+DVD editions. The album will also come in a special fanclub edition. The album will include the singles Revive, Drive me crazy, SUMMER TIME GONE, new versions of Beautiful and Watashi no, Shiranai, Watashi., the Beautiful B-side, wana, the SUMMER TIME GONE B-side, anywhere, and six new songs for a total of thirteen tracks.The DVD will include a special movie. Tomorrow is the last Time is currently being used as the thirty-sixth ending theme to the anime Detective Conan.

The CD-only cover of "FUTURE KISS"

2. wana
3. Revive
4. Watashi no, Shiranai, Watashi. ~precious ver.~
6. I scream!
7. Drive Me Crazy
8. I can do it now
9. Beautiful ~comfortable ver.~
10. I promise
11. sound of rain
12. Tomorrow is the last Time
13. anywhere

The CD+DVD cover of "FUTURE KISS"

1. Mai Kuraki Time Capsule Movie

Fanclub cover
The fanclub cover of "FUTURE KISS"

Kuraki Mai's official website

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